Mortgage Revolution Vegas 2018
Friday, June 8, Golden Nugget

Reserve Tickets $175




#JustTheTip is a legit mastermind event.
Our attendance will be capped at 200 so that our speakers won’t be shy about sharing their best tips.

Thursday – June 7th

MRev Party @ Golden Nugget
5:30pm – 11:30pm

Official MRev party  hosted by EP Mortgage Services.

Party will kick-off around 5:30pm and we will email all attendees the suite number on Thursday afternoon.

You can also view party details on Facebook

Friday – June 8

MREV 2018 Main Event
8:00am – 600:pm

What Is #JustTheTip?

MREV Agenda – At A Glance

  • 8:00 - 9:00
    Coffee & Registration
    Early Morning Networking
  • 9:00 - 12:00
    #TechTalk Interactive
    Digital Mortgage Systems & Solutions
  • 12:00 - 1:00
    Lunch Served
    Lunch Provided By MRev
  • 1:00 - 6:00
    Originator MRev #TipTalks

MREV Agenda – Detailed Overview

  • Digital Mortgage Tech Talk
    9:00am - 11:45am

    We are watching a multi-billion dollar arms race in the Digital Mortgage space that will continue to challenge your way of doing business and how borrowers and referral partners perceive your value compared to price they pay for a loan.

    There are two types of Digital Mortgage Tech companies with very different mindsets competing to either help you be a better loan originator or completely replace your existence with a mortgage bot.

    The companies we have invited to speak at Mrev are on a mission to create a better originator and consumer experience, while lowering the costs and friction points of the lending process.

    We are asking a few of our favorite mortgage tech providers to give us their insight and perspective of what the Digital Mortgage evolution looks like over the next 24 months.

    Each speaker will have the stage for 15 – 30 minutes in an interview style format where we will have an open and transparent high level conversation about the state of the mortgage and real estate tech industry.

    We want to know how their tech solutions play a role in disintermediation or true disruption, and where they are investing their resources so that we can have a competitive advantage next year.

    This is NOT a pitch fest.  Matter of fact, we have not accepted any money or other related form of sponsorship from these speakers.

    Our primary goal with the morning Tech Talk is to gain insight from a few super smart people who are paying attention to innovation and disruption in our industry at a higher level than even your CEOs are aware of.

  • Originator #TipTalk
    1:00PM - 6:00 PM

    Active Loan Officers only.

    We have hand-selected about 15 real loan originators to share with us one of their top tips for success in 10-15 minutes or less.

    These are true mortgage professionals who are paying for their own plane flight, hotel room and MRev Ticket because they believe in the power of networking with other high capacity and uber-smart originators.

    Expect a ton of high-level content that is not watered down so that “most” originators can follow.

    The rules are simple:

    1. No Pitching
    2. Give us one tip / strategy / system that you have proven to be successful
    3. Tell us where you would improve
    4. Don’t hold back – give us the goods, metrics, true results –  and don’t waste anyone’s time with theories or concepts

    The industry is cleaning house right now, and the 80% of slow, lazy, inefficient, poor customer service, selfish or uninformed loan originators will be out of business within the next 24 months.

    The only way to thrive in this new marketplace we’re watching evolve is to be a master implementer.

    Our speakers at mortgage revolution share a few common traits that define their success.

    One of the first things you’ll notice is their dedication to a consistent pattern of attack.

    Whether they are posting to their blog and email list three times a week, producing rate update videos on Facebook every Thursday, or personally calling 100 Realtors every Monday, these mortgage professionals have a few things that they focus on doing well regularly that produce measurable results over time.

    They have found their groove, their purpose, and they are able to disregard the noise and distractions that knock almost everyone else off their game.

    They are driven by a desire to improve, and the discipline to make it happen.

    Our focus this year is improving the customer experience and driving down costs or friction points in the loan process.  Efficiency, systems, technology, and anything that helps the originator spend more quality time improving the human connection with their borrowers and referral partners.

About Mortgage Revolution

where real originators share true tips and strategies based on proven success

About MRev

About Mortgage Revolution

#MRev is a spam-free grassroots, NO-profit mortgage mastermind event led by REAL loan originators who share TRUE strategies with a small trusted group of industry networking partners.

We are hosting a one day event on Friday, June 8th at the Golden Nugget in Downtown Las Vegas, where 20+ industry pros will speak for 10 minutes each sharing their best tip for winning in today’s real estate and lending environment.

100% of all proceeds go to a very worthy charitable cause, which means this event is not financially influenced by vendors, spammers or trolls.

Whether it is a proven marketing strategy or new technology, MRev’s culture of open sharing and innovation creates a truly valuable networking and educational experience.

We Are On A Mission:

To influence a positive change in the mortgage industry by empowering ethical mortgage professionals with the tools, systems and connections to be the top leaders in their local communities.


What We Do

MRev organizes NO-profit, spam free mortgage networking events that promote a culture of transparency in sharing innovative ideas and proven strategies from street level originators who are in the trenches making a positive impact in their local communities.

This is a true mastermind and networking event for loan originators who want to stay ahead of trends and best practices.

100% of all profits to go charity, and the speakers, sponsors and volunteers all pay for their own room, travel and registration for the purpose of keeping our events pure from politics or favoritism.

  • Education: Find out what’s really working from top active originators
  • Networking: Meet mortgage professionals who care about your success
  • Strategy: Execution, implementation and proven systems that others are actually using
  • Leadership: Setting a higher standard for business conduct and ethical lending
  • Charity: 100% MRev profits are donated to charity, with $60k since our first year

Everyone is an expert at something, and we sincerely believe that the key to success is to enable the success of others.

Show up, network, organize, share, teach, learn – you are responsible for your own education.

Our History

It Started With A Simple Idea

Bring a group of like-minded mortgage professionals together for the purpose of networking, education and to raise money for charity.  We wanted our friends, family and the media to have something positive to say about our industry.

The real estate market crashed in Las Vegas, NV in early February 2007, with the rest of the country experiencing similar destruction and hardship over the next few years.

#MortgageLife as we knew was over, and many of the remaining mortgage people were seeking leadership from the traditional establishments to help them make sense of the destruction. The top industry influencers, associations and mortgage vendors were shook to their core as well, financially unable to host or sponsor the expensive conferences that historically attracted thousands of originators.

The industry was literally turned on its head with no sense of direction or hope, leaving the surviving mortgage professionals alone in their own trenches to fight their own battles.

When we started planning our first event in 2009, our goal was to gather the surviving mortgage professionals for a networking event where we could talk about ways to make our industry a better place to work by earning back the trust with consumers and agents.

Hundreds of volunteers stepped up to help with speaking, organizing, promoting and even sponsoring.

Tons of strong relationships were developed from that first year, and we are still talking about the killer experiences and fun memories almost 10 years later.


Over $60,000 Given To Charity

100% of all Mortgage Revolution event net proceeds go to a charitable cause.

MRev raised over $50,000 in 2010 alone by hosting a few grassroots mortgage industry events across the country that were designed to bring lending professionals together during the financial crisis.

One thing that makes MRev unique compared to other industry events is that all organizers, speakers, volunteers and sponsors paid for their own room, travel and event ticket.

By keeping the overhead low, relying on friends to help with promotion and asking sponsors to measure their success on the relationships they create by supporting the movement, we hope to raise several thousand dollars in 2018 for a handful of local charities.

Below is a cause and original MRev speaker we have continued to rally for over the years:

Read More About Dustin: Facebook – Hughes Troop

Book Rooms

Golden Nugget Hotel
129 E. Fremont St.Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
(844) 468-4438

About Booking Golden Nugget Rooms

MRev 2018 wll be Downtown Las Vegas at the newly renovated Golden Nugget Hotel.

We are opening the doors at 8:00 AM Friday June 8th for early networking and coffee.

The actual event starts at 9:00 AM, which will give everyone time to find their way over to the hotel and convention room.

Your best option for convenience and to stay close to the rest of the group is to try and book a room at the Golden Nugget.

If you choose to stay on the Strip, keep in mind that it is about a 15 min. Ubder/Lyft ride with minimal traffic from the Strip to Downtown.

Golden Nugget Hotel – 129 E. Fremont St.Las Vegas, Nevada 89109


Complete the form below or feel free to call us directly.

Mortgage Revolution is hosted and organized by volunteers who are full-time mortgage professionals.

We will do our best to get back in touch with you asap once you complete the form on the right. In the mean-time, please see if we can help answer your question in the section below.

Event Organizers:

Event / Main Contact – Mark Madsen (702) 710-0004

Speakers / Agenda – Katy Parsons

Contact Mortgage Revolution

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I book rooms?

The Golden Nugget is the best place to start if looking for a hotel in Downtown Las Veags for #MRev.

If you do stay on the strip, Downtown Vegas is about a 15 minute Uber/Lyft ride depending on traffic.

What should I wear to the event?

Something comfortable. It will be hot in Vegas that week, and the air conditioning may be kicking hard during the event. This is a time to network and learn without worrying about sitting around in a stuffy suit all day.

What is the event agenda?

Thursday, June 7th @ 6:00pm – People are showing up on Thursday evening for our our MRev party at the Golden Nugget.  Room number will be posted on our Facebook page, as well as emailed to all attendees who have purchased a ticket.

Friday, June 8th @ 8:00am – Event registration and morning coffee will start Friday morning with our morning #TechTalk sessions from 9:00 – 12:00.

Lunch is served from 12:00 – 1:00, and your food is covered in your MRev ticket cost.

At 1:00 we will start our 10 minute presentations where street level originators and branch managers share their top tips for success in a range of categories from marketing and lead gen to building referral partners or running a branch.

Friday night will continue through to a Downtown bar once MRev officially ends at 6:00.

Saturday, June 9th – Be on the lookout for more information on where the group will be meeting.  Saturday is an informal day at a local bar Downtown for more networking and World Domination talk.

How do I speak at the event?

Please fill out the contact form on our site to be connected with the volunteer in charge of organizing our speakers and agenda.

We have a goal of featuring 15 – 20 speakers in a rapid fire format where each presenter will share one winning tip in 10 minutes.

The purpose of our TED Style presentation is to stimulate conversation and inspire innovation. MRev is different than most mortgage conferences because we do not follow the traditional conference format of 60 minute powerpoint slides and grandstanding just to push a product.

If you have a great strategy or an innovative idea that you want to share with a small group of action takers, please drop us a note on the form above.

How do I sponsor MRev Vegas?

MRev does not have a sponsor program. We do have a few tech companies that we have invited to speak at our event, but they do not pay extra for promotion or stage-time.